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Automatic and programmable cutting machine with 2 or 3 motorised axes*, equipped with a 300 mm Ø cut-off wheel

*Optional motorised 3rd Axis (X)

cutting machine cutlam 3 lam plan

Largest cut-off area on the market


The cutting wheel translates linearly from top to bottom, it offers a 140 mm space under the cutting wheel.

  • Wheel Ø
    250 to 300 mm
  • Wheel rotation speed
    from 1000 to 4000 rpm
  • Max cutting capacity
    Ø 110 mm
  • Dim. W x H x D
    900 x 700 x 1000 mm


It’s the ultimate development of LAM PLAN and is the most advanced automatic Ø 300 mm cut-off machine in its market sector.

Largest cut-off area on the market of Ø 300 mm cut-off

The CUTLAM®3.1 offers an unprecedented cutting capacity, the machine table can move forward and backward automatically over a distance of 300 mm.

New, the cut-off wheel has an automatic and linear top-to-bottom movement. With this linear movement, this new-generation of cutting machine offers a 140 mm space under the cutting wheel. The CUTLAM®3.1 has a cover which includes opening side to cut bars.

Many cutting possibilities are offered

This automatic cut-off machine makes it possible to cut vertically (along axis Z), over a maximum stroke of 200 mm, or to cut horizontally along axis Y, over a maximum stroke of 300 mm.

It is also possible to combine the two Z and Y movements. Thus, your machine will be able to perform cutting passes with a pass number and depth, which can be programmed.
This machine can optionally be equipped with a manual or automatic X axis for cutting parallel sections.

Easy to use

The CUTLAM®3.1 is extremely simple to operate with its large touch screen (5.7 inches) and intuitive interface. The 2 motorised axes of CUTLAM®3.1 (optional 3rd axis) can be controlled manually by two joysticks located near the control screen. The internal memory allow to save over 300 cutting programs, which can also be imported or exported via a USB port.


and advanced technology

An interlocking device maintains the cover in its closed position when the cutting wheel is rotating. When the cover is open, any axes movement (controlled by the joysticks) is only possible when the technician presses the “man present” button.

Laser positioning device

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    *space under wheel

    A great variety of possible setting configuration

    The rotation speed of the cutting wheel and the feed speed of the axes can be programmed so as to prevent any deterioration or deformation of the samples. 3 cutting modes are possible: manual (via joysticks), semi-automatic and automatic. The movements of the axes can be continuous or sequenced.

    The CUTLAM®3.1 is also equipped with the smart motion function: the definition of an acceptable torque for the cutting wheel, with the touch screen will automatically regulate the feed speed of the axes.

    This option makes it possible to cut materials with different hardnesses (e.g. steel with an HVOF coating) without having to modify the feed speed. This option allows to avoid long testing campaigns to define the correct feed speed.


    Technical data CUTLAM®3.1

    Wheel Ø
    250 to 300 mm
    Shaft Ø
    25,4 mm
    Max cutting capacity
    Ø 110 mm
    Space between the cutting wheel and the table (with wheel Ø 300 mm)
    140 mm
    Stainless steel 574 x 298 mm
    Longitudinal movement – table
    300 mm
    Vertical movement – wheel
    200 mm
    Transversal movement
    150 mm (optional)
    Motor power wheel
    3,8 kW
    Recirculation system, 60 litres decantation tank, 2 chambers, Input 100 µm filter, 800 L/hour pump driven by the machine
    Wheel rotation speed
    from 1000 to 4000 rpm
    Cutting mode
    Manual, semi-automatic, automatic
    Feed speed control
    from 0.1 to 20 mm/s, continuous or sequenced. Intelligent motion: automatic check of the feed motion according to the resulting torque on the cutting wheel motor
    LED strip
    Cover secured by interlocking
    Man present button for operating the axes when the cover is open
    400 Volts – 50 Hz (three-phase + ground)
    Dim. W x H x D
    900 x 700 x 1000
    (H. cover open 1100 mm)
    210 kg
    60 CT31A 00

    Available accessories

    support cabinet
    CUTLAM® support cabinet
    60 M0310 00

    Solid painted-steel piece of furniture specially designed for CUTLAM® products. It contains a storage door for tools and cut-off wheels, a drawer on top and a space for the recirculation tank. This piece of furniture is stable and has adjustable feet.

    Dimensions: L x H x D : 700 x 800 x 1050 mm.

    Automatic transversal table (X movement)
    60 CT31A 30

    Stroke 150 mm

    Transversal table (X movement)
    60 CT31A 20

    Manual movement with roller, stroke 150 mm
    Display accuracy: 0,01 mm
    Can receive right vice reference
    60 CT200 20 or 60 CT200 40

    Specific vice with fast tightening system
    60 CT306 20

    For transversal table 60 CT31A 20 and 60 CT31A 30, left lever

    Double vice with fast tightening system (left and right side of the wheel)
    60 CT200 20

    2 x 2 elements vice, without sole, to obtain maximal length clamping
    Jaw width 80 mm
    Jaw height 45 mm
    T-slot 12 mm screw included
    Lever (left and right)

    Double vice with screw tightening system (left and right side of the wheel)
    60 CT200 40

    2 x 2 element vice, without sole, to obtain maximal length clamping
    Jaws width 80 mm
    Jaws height 45 mm
    T-slot 12 mm screw included
    Left and right levers

    Universal clamping KOPAL 61
    60 081282 20
    Lift for KOPAL 61
    60 081282 40
    Long cam for KOPAL 61
    60 00285 90
    Oil mist extraction device - A1
    Oil mist extraction device – A1
    60 CT204 00

    The LAM PLAN vaccuming system extracts the “polluted” air inside the cutting chamber of your cutting machine.
    – A special multilayer filter will stop the smallest polluting particles, thus preventing their dispersion into the atmosphere.
    – The cutting fluid, in the liquid state, is returned to the cutting machine recirculation tank to be reused. (An evacuation is provided for this purpose on the vacuuming system).
    – A cartridge post-filter, located above the suction system, ensures a high filtration level, up to 99.97%.
    -An adapter part (LAM PLAN code 60CT20820) is provided to adapt the suction hose to the canopy of the LAM PLAN cutting machine.
    – The vacuuming system is mounted on a trolley with wheels, allowing an easy positioning.
    -A drain valve, located in the trolley, collects the condensate.

    Adaptor rings (by 5) for cut-off wheels
    • Steel Ø 32 x 25,4 mm – 60 00373 90
    • PVC Ø 32 x 25,4 mm – 60 00374 90
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