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High-precision automatic 2 axes* cutting machine Ø 200 mm
*optional 3rd (X)

2 motorized axes

Large cutting capacity



  • on both sides of the wheel
  • on the part


Intelligent advance management system

  • Wheel Ø
    75 to 200 mm
  • Rotational speed
    from 1000 to 4000 rpm
  • Max cutting capacity
    Ø 75 mm
  • Dim. W x H x D
    620 x 470 x 750 mm

CUTLAM®micro 3.0

It’s designed for laboratories looking for an automatic machine adapted to high precision, long and difficult cuts.

This benchtop designed cutting machine offers astonishing
capacities. Thanks to the multiple motion table, the cutting wheel, and the feed speed control system according to the
cutting torque, this machine will overcome any difficult task.

Large capacity compact cutting machine

It is fitted with a large: 320 x 540 mm chamber, and equipped with a grooved aluminium table, sized 210 x 210 mm, and stainless steel interchangeable pallets.

The large capacity of the CUTLAM®micro 3.0 relies on the use of 200 mm cut-off wheel, combined with a vertical movement range of 100 mm (Z axis) and a longitudinal range of 270 mm (Y axis).


Axis positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm, which can be seen on the screen, and feed speeds during the cutting phase can be set from 0.1 to 10 mm/sec. Use of the “intelligent motion” (see next page for an explanation of this device) will automatically reduce the axis feed rate to a minimum value of 0.02 mm/sec.

User-friendly interface

A large touch-screen allows you to select the different functions using an easy to use, intuitive interface. All the positioning and cutting parameters can continuously be visible on the screen. The use of a joystick allows a fast positioning of the cut-off wheel; while in automatic and semi-automatic modes, an estimation of the remaining cutting time appears.

Three cutting modes are available: manual, semi-automatic and automatic.

Efficiency: 5 key points for higher productivity:

1. Powerful motor of 1,1 kW.
2. Sequential cutting mode for a maximum cooling.
3. Ingenious feed speed control:

  • The feed speed is pre-set, and will be automatically reduced if the load on the cutting wheel increases. The pre-set speed returns when the load on the wheel decreases.
  • It improves the quality of the cut by limiting the heat damages on the samples.
  • Suitable for irregular samples and/or materials with heterogeneous hardness.
  • It prevents the wheel from breaking in case of overload.
  • It allows you to always work at maximum speed without any risk of damage.

4. Optional cross-feed table (X axis) manual or motorised for repetitive parallel cuts.
5. Independent lubrication/cooling system, composed of a 100 µ washable filter, and a 30 litres sedimentation tank with multi-point nozzle, insures excellent cooling of the sample and the cutting wheel even during intensive use.


and advanced technology

Built upon a robust, mechanically welded chassis sheathed with a painted sheet-steel body, the CUTLAM®micro 3.0 is particularly stable and is not prone to vibration, saving you valuable laboratory work space.

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    Theoretical cutting capacity: Ø 200 mm

    *space under wheel


    Technical data CUTLAM®micro 3.0

    Wheel Ø

    75 to 200 mm

    Shaft Ø
    12,7 mm
    Standard flanges Ø
    75 mm
    Passage under the wheel

    62 mm (with a Ø 200 mm wheel)

    Max cutting capacity

    Ø 62 mm (with a Ø 200 mm wheel)

    Vertical movement

    Z axis 100 mm automatic

    Longitudinal movement

    Y axis 270 mm automatic

    Transversal movement

    X axis 55 mm manual or 50 mm motorised (optional)

    Cooling/ Lubrication

    Decantation tank, 2 chambers, Input 100 µm filter, Pump 800 L/hour driven
    by the machine.

    Motor power
    1,1 kW
    Rotational speed

    Variable, from 1000 to 4000 rpm.

    Cutting modes

    Manual, semi-automatic, automatic

    Feed speed control

    0,1 to 20 mm/sec. programmable Automatic control of speed / power continuous or sequential


    Transparent cover with locking system


    230 V – 50 Hz simple phase

    Dimensions W x H x D

    620 x 470 x 750 mm (H cover open 812 mm)

    80 kg
    60 CTM30 00

    Available accessories

    • CUTLAM® support cabinet
      60 M0100 00

      Solid painted-steel piece of furniture specially designed for CUTLAM® products.

      It contains a storage door for tools and cut-off wheels, a drawer on top and a space for the recirculation tank. This piece of furniture is stable and has adjustable feet.

      Dimensions : L x H x D : 630 x 800 x 835 mm.

    • Motorised cross feed table (X axis) to cut parallel sections
      60 CTM34 00

      Stroke 50 mm, accurate to 0,01 mm

    • Manual cross-feed table (X axis) to cut parallel sections
      60 CTM31 00

      Stroke 55 mm accurate to 0,01 mm

    • Small right vice with fast tightening system stroke 53 mm
      60 CTM32 00
    • Small left vice with fast tightening system stroke 53 mm
      60 CTM33 00
    • Double vice with screw tightening system (left and right side of the wheel)
      60 CT200 40

      2 x 2 element vice, without sole, to obtain maximal length clamping
      Jaws width 80 mm
      Jaws height 45 mm
      T-slot 12 mm screw included
      Left and right levers

    • Universal clamping KOPAL 54
      60 CTM36 00
    • Set of flanges
      • Set of flanges Ø 35 mm for cut-off wheels Ø 75 to 100 mm – 60 CTM01 10
      • Set of flanges Ø 50 mm for cut-off wheels Ø 125 to 150 mm – 60 CTM01 20
      • JSet of flanges Ø 75 mm for cut-off wheels until Ø 230 mm – 60 CTM01 30
    • Adaptor rings (by 5) for cut-off wheels
      • Steel Ø 22 x 12,7 mm – 60 00608 90
      • PVC Ø 22 x 12,7 mm – 60 00609 90
      • Steel Ø 25,4 x 12,7 mm – 60 00369 90
      • PVC Ø 25,4 x 12,7 mm – 60 00370 90
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