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Cutting machines upkeep


Cutting fluids

Cutting fluid Lam Plan

Cutting fluid series 723 NEW

Lubricating the cutting action

LAM PLAN cutting fluid 723 is a synthetic water-miscible coo- lant that has been approved for sectioning non-ferrous metals. This fluid provides excellent lubrication and optimal cooling so that the material’s microstructures are not damaged during the cutting process.

The cooling efficiency of cutting fluid 723 avoids overheating while lubricating the cutting action. It also has an optimum vis- cosity enabling it to flow freely.

Cutting fluid 723 is recommended for cutting titanium alloys and inconels. The properties of cutting fluid 723 also make it suitable for cut- ting non-ferrous alloys and carbides.

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 Properties  Type Qty Ref. 
Specialized cutting fluid : recommended for cutting titanium alloys and inconels. 723 5 liters 07 50723 50
1 litre 07 50723 30



The refractometer is a measuring instrument which allows you to control the cutting fluid concentration in the machine to assure the quality of the cuts, to ovoid the corrosion on the cut parts, the table and vices. It also controls heating during cuts (no smokes) and prevent from microbial and smells in the machine. The measured values are in BRIX degrees.


Type Qty Ref. 
Refractometer 722 1 60 CT900 10

Cloth filters


Qty Ref. 
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM Micro®2.0
  1 60 00574 90
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM®1.1 – 2.0 – 3.0 – Micro 3.0
  1 60 00141 90
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM®4.0 and 5.0
  1 60 00576 90

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