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Who are we?

The high-tech polishing since 1962.

History of the company

LAM PLAN, based at Gaillard, France, has been elaborating and manufacturing products for polishing in the industry.

Since 1962, the LAM PLAN technical team addresses all challenges and attempts to respond to specific issues in a simple way, that remains safe and comfortable to handle.

  • 1962

    – Creation of LAM PLAN at Annecy by Jacques BROÏDO

  • 1967

    – 1st patent : LAM PLAN polishing disc (LAMinated foil to obtain a FLAT disc)

  • 1973

    – 1st MM plate patent
  • 1977

    – Doser Stick patent

  • 1987

    – Mr Georges BROÏDO becomes Chairman of LAM PLAN

  • 1991

    – Creation of the subsidiary AQUA LAM Sarl – Poitiers, France
    – Certification ISO 9002 – AFAQ

  • 1995

    – Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN POLSKA – Poland
    – Development and registration of the Bio DIAMANT trademark

  • 1996

    – Creation of the subsidiary ASTEC LAM PLAN – Bologna, Italy
    – INPI innovation trophy

  • 1998

    – CAMEO®DISK patent

  • 1999

    – Filiale AQUA LAM moves to Gaillard

  • 2000

    – Launching of the Bio DIAMANT® range perfected by LAM PLAN

  • 2003

    – Opening of the LAM PLAN UK Office at Harrogate, England
    – Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN DEUTSCHLAND – Bad Kreuznach, Germany

  • 2004

    – Certification ISO 9001 Version 2000 – BVQi

  • 2006

    – Creation of the subsidiary LAM PLAN INDUSTRIES – Sevenoaks, England

  • 2007

    – Mrs Marie TROUTOT becomes Chairwoman of LAM PLAN
  • 2009

    – SPYLAP® patent, a thermal detector for lapping rings
  • 2010

    – New range of Metallography machines
  • 2011

    – New generation of VOC-free suspensions, NEODIA® and NEOLAP®
    – New generation of diamond liquids without VOC, Neodia® and Neolap®, A3TS Innovation Trophy
  • 2012

    – Launch of the ECOA® range of abrasive solutions for Double Plate machines
  • 2015

    – Construction of a new 600 m2 building
  • 2016

    – Implementation of a new ERP, workflow optimization process
  • 2017

    – Launch of the EVOLAM Ultimate plate
  • 2019

    – Launch of the new generation of M.M.9000 LAPPING machines and the AUTOPLAN system


Since 1962 LAM PLAN has imposed itself as a real specialist in all the polishing technologies ; we provide our customers with our scientific competences and our technical know-how to accompany them in an ever finer control of their lapping and polishing problematics.

From research and development to the implementation of recommended high- performance abrasive solutions, our teams deploy each day throughout the world an effective and friendly process with respect to environmental problematics.

The polishing technology requires not only high-quality products, but also methods and an irreproachable service ; this is why our organisation relies on 5 basics:

5 strong points
that make the difference!

Research & Development

Fundamentally study the core of our trades, create andinnovate, to remain a player at the forefront of his sector.


Recommend tailored solutions to guarantee that the industrial objectives of our customers will be attained.

Design & Engineering Department

Model the recommended solutions and realise the equipment and preparations adapted to your needs.


Accompany users in their understanding of industrial processes and the usage of solutions developed for them.


Effectively intervene to guarantee the productivity of our solutions and the durability of our equipment.

Designer of polishing solutions since 1962

Machine design

We manufactured all the equipments necessary for the production of your parts.

Design of lapping supports

Plates, abrasive papers, polishing cloths… all the supports which make it possible to obtain the required results.

Design of abrasive solutions

Conventional and diamond abrasive pastes and liquids and formulations adapted to your requirements.

Polishing methods

Development of the process that will allow you to obtain the exact required surface finishing.

Our sectors of activity


Manufacture and maintenance of moulds and toolings intended for sectors of activity such as :

plastic injection, jewellry, eyeglass trade, forge (coins, medals), wireworks.


Manufacture of industrial valves and fittings and relief valves intended for sectors of activity such as:

chemistry, petrochemistry, nuclear.

Manufacture and maintenance of mechanical seals for the refurbishment of pumps intended for:

aeronautical industry, petrochemistry, agro-food industry, hydraulics.

Manufacture and polishing of the part entering in a mechanical system intended for:

precision optics (optical mirrors), glass industry, electronics (read head), electromechanics (sensors), watchmaking industry, laser disc.


Polishing of metallographic samples in view of research work on materials or production control work in sectors such as :

aeronautics, automobile, nuclear.

Our trademarks & patents

Your requirements are a constant source of innovation. The LAM PLAN technical team addresses all challenges and attempts to respond to specific issues in a simple way, that remains safe and comfortable to handle.

Eco-commitment charter

LAM PLAN is pursuing and maintaining its research and development efforts in favour of the technique and the environment.

Our innovations contribute to the improvement of our products and technologies by rendering them more effective, while reducing their impact on the environment and limiting the risks to user health.

This responsible and intentional approach is an integral part of our continuous improvement policy.

This choice allows our customers today to anticipate international regulations in terms of occupational safety and ecology.

Thanks to our developments, we are committed to offering you innovative products which allow reconciling performance, quality, safety and respect of future generations.

By way of our values, we assert our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices.

Sans COV

Quality approach

LAM PLAN is certified ISO 9001

Quality of our products

 Strengthened by its experience and the requirements it imposed on itself, LAM PLAN markets high-quality, reliable and high-yield products. Among its customers, LAM PLAN is honoured to have 39 of the first 40 French Industry Companies.

LAM PLAN directs all its efforts and research toward the development and manufacture of products anticipating the evolution in health and safety rules for both the respect of user health and the preservation of our environment.

Quality of our services

  • Analysis of needs
  • Close to our customers, we are listening to you and accompany you in the process of defining and formalising your expectations
  • Definition, development & management of dedicated solutions
  • The acute awareness of your requirements combined with our know-how allow us to model tailored solutions
  • Making technicians available
  • We assist you in the building up of your equipment and are attached to perfecting your control of the equipment to maximise your effectiveness.
    Availability & responsiveness.

Under any circumstance, at any time and anywhere, our teams will know how to respond to your needs and expectations.

Our constant renewed ability to improve our machines, supports and products, combined with our original know-how, enable us to respond to all demands.

Assistance & information

Contact us

Committed to providing you with quality answers, we invite you to send us a message with your contact details so that our staff can answer you as soon as possible.

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