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Hot mounting resins

To respond to all metallographic control and research situations, LAM PLAN developed and tested a range of hot mounting resins which allow obtaining perfectly adapted mountings regardless.

Hot mounting resins

PHENOFREE hot mounting resins

New phenol-free and formaldehyde-free thermosetting mounting resin

In line with its ecological commitment, LAM PLAN proposes on the market the first effective alternative to phenol metallographic mounting resins which are liable to release phenol (and/or formaldehyde) during baking.

The PHENOFREE mounting is intended for the technical mounting of all types of materials for material examinations or edge examinations. It smartly replaces the traditional phenol mounting resins with the same hardness and less shrinkage than a phenol mounting resins.

The range of PHENOFREE resins includes 3 coloured resins (grey, white and red) to make the identification of your metallographic samples easier. They are particularly adapted for the polishing of hard materials. The white Phenofree resin may prove to be in some cases a good alternative to the use of epoxy resins.


Qty/kg Ref. 
Grey composite powder
Polyvalent, hard
2,5 06 PF010 20
10 06 PF010 10
25 06 PF010 50


Qty/kg Ref. 

Red composite powder
Polyvalent, very hard

2,5 06 PF020 20
10 06 PF020 10
25 06 PF020 50


Qty/kg Ref. 
Poudre composite blanche
Polyvalente, extra dure
2,5 06 PF030 20
10 06 PF030 10
25 06 PF030 50

Epoxy hot mounting resins

The black epoxy mounting resin is filled with glass fibres with high mineral loads. It is ideal for mountings intended for edge examinations of hard to extra hard materials thanks to its resistance to abrasion, important hardness and absence of shrinkage

Epoxy resin 633

Qty/kg Ref. 
Black epoxy powder, loaded with glass fibres
Edges examinations
Extra hardness – No shrinkage
2,5 06 00633 20
10 06 00633 10

Epoxy resin 634

The 634 is a fine powder epoxy resin, used for examination of edged samples.

Qty/kg Ref. 
Black epoxy powder, fine grains
Edge examinations on complex samples
High hardness – No shrinkage
2,5 06 00634 20

Acrylic hot mounting resins

Acrylic resin 616

The acrylic resin 616 is perfectly transparent and adapted to most materials. Mainly used to view the evolution of the grinding of the sample.

Qty/kg Ref. 
Transparent acrylic powder
Visualising the sample during and after
the polishing
All materials
2,5 06 00616 20
10 06 00616 10

Acrylic resin 616.2

Perfectly transparent with no cotton effect, the acrylic resin 616.2 is resistant to alcohol, and therefore ideal for work with alcohol-based polishing products or requiring a cleaning phase with ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or other.

Qty/kg Ref. 
Transparent acrylic powder
Visualising the sample during and after
the polishing
Water resistant
2,5 06 06162 20
10 06 06162 10

Copper hot mounting resin

Conductive mounting resin for examinations with SEM or electrolytic etching device. A pure copper based resin of very homogeneous consistency, the conductibility of your mountings is optimised. The use of ultra-pure materials eliminates the risk of an analysis error.

Copper resin 604.3

Qty/kg Ref. 
Resinoid copper powder
For electrolytic polishing
2 06 00604 30

Graphite hot mounting resin

Graphite resin 617

Conductive phenolic mounting resin loaded with graphite (without copper and without metals or alloys) for SEM and TEM examinations.

Qty/kg Ref. 
Conductive black phenolic powder (graphite)
For SEM examination
1,5 06 00617 00


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