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Easy-to-use, productive, automatic hot mounting press

Exclusive safety device

This device creates a safety chamber in which the sample is protected in case of an eventual sticking situation.

5.7″ color touch screen panel

Graphic interface.

  • Capacity
    Ø 25,4 to Ø 50 mm
  • Double mounting
    Yes – all diameters
  • Pressure
    0 to 1,600 daN
  • Dim. W x H x D
    250 x 680 x 470 mm

Exclusive safety device

The expulsion of the sample after the mounting cycle is only possible when the safety cover is located in its intermediary position. This device creates a safety chamber in which the sample is protected in case of an eventual sticking situation.

The PRESSLAM®1.1 is equipped with a main heating unit which contains the removable cylinder. The standard heating unit covers diameters from 25,4 to 40 mm and a specific element is available for a 50 mm diameter.



The PRESSLAM®1.1 is a multi-purpose, easy-to-use, automatic hot mounting press that will allow you to achieve high production levels.

All parameters are accessible via a 5.7” colour touch screen. The graphic interface guides you intuitively through the different settings, which you can then store and reuse at will. It is also possible to transfer predefined hot mounting parameters via the machine’s USB port. All phases are visible on the screen during the hot mounting cycle and can be modified at any time.

Each function can be adjusted separately and 4 pressurisation modes are available, along with a function reducing the amount of water used for cooling.

Once put in service the PRESSLAM®1.1 runs a pre-heating cycle that is cleared after 6 minutes without user intervention.

Access to mould is wide open for a sample positioning and filling facility. Quick and effortless, the locking/unlocking is realised by a cover and a ¼ turn locking lever.


and advanced technology

The PRESSLAM®1.1 is the ideal link in your mounted sample production line. It is a compact machine that is both easy to use and easy to maintain and will allow you to increase your productivity while maintaining unrivalled flexibility.

  • Closed position

  • Security position recovery sample

  • Open position

  • Control screen

  • Resins

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    The mounting chamber can be changed without any tools, nor electric or hydraulic connections.

    It only takes a few minutes to change the complete heating unit.


    Technical data PRESSLAM®1.1

    Ø 25,4 to Ø 50 mm
    Heating system
    4 x 600 W around mould
    Temperature range
    20 to 200°C
    Heating cycle
    0 to 30 min
    Cooling cycle
    0 to 30 min
    0 to 1,600 daN
    Double mounting
    Yes – all diameters
    Program back-up
    300 with USB connexion
    Pressurisation modes
    4 different modes
    Chamber closing
    Half turned cover with a safety chamber
    Mould changing
    Quick, without connectors- electric or hydraulic
    Pre-heating mode
    Yes (cleared after 6 min without manipulation)
    Water saving
    yes (up to 25%)
    230 V – 50 Hz single-phase
    Pneumatic feed
    6 to 10 bars
    Dim. W x H x D
    250 x 680 x 470 mm
    72 kg (depending on mould size)
    60 PL110 00

    Available accessories

    • Heating unit & assembly mould
      Ø 25.4 (1”), 30, 40, 1’’¼ & 1’’½
      • Heating unit – 60 PL2H1 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 25,4 mm ou 1” – 60 PL1C1 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 30 mm – 60 PL1C2 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 40 mm – 60 PL1C4 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 1”¼ – 60 PL1C2 10
      • Assembly mould Ø 1”½ – 60 PL1C4 10

    • Heating unit & assembly mould
      Ø 50 et 2’’
      • Heating unit – 60 PL2H2 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 50 mm – 60 PL1C5 00
      • Assembly mould Ø 2” – 60 PL1C5 10
    • Spacers for double mounting
      • Spacer Ø 25,4 mm ou 1″ – 60 PL2I1 10
      • Spacer Ø 30 mm – 60 PL2I2 00
      • Spacer Ø 40 mm – 60 PL2I4 00
      • Spacer Ø 50 mm – 60 PL2I5 00
      • Spacer Ø 1”¼ – 60 PL2I2 10
      • Spacer Ø 1”½ – 60 PL2I4 10
      • Spacer Ø 2” – 60 PL2I5 10
    • Pressure regulator filter kit for compressed air

      Indispensable to preserve the machines from impurities.
      Also available with: CUTLAM© 4.0/5.0, PRESSLAM© 1.1, SMARTLAM© 3.0, MASTERLAM© 1.0/1.1/3.0.

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