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Laboratory precision micro cutting machine Ø 200 mm

2 cutting modes

  • Gravity cut with weight and counterweight
  • Manual cut

Z axis displacement

Lateral displacement of the sample by wheel, visualization of the distance on the touch screen

Control screen

3.5 inch touch screen
Intuitive graphic visuals

  • Wheel Ø
    75 to 200 mm
  • Rotational speed
    from 200 to 4000 rpm
  • Max cutting capacity
    XX mm
  • Dim. W x H x D
    430 x 300 x 450 mm

CUTLAM®micro 2.0

It’s a compact laboratory micro-cutting machine intended for the most sensitive materials. The speed range and cutting chamber capacity make this machine incredibly versatile.

The sample is held in position using a vice-tightened holding arm and the wheel located outside the cutting chamber enables a micrometric movement along the Z axis; the movement can be tracked directly on the screen (accurate to 0,02 mm) Thanks to the zeroing system, very accurate parallel cuts can be performed.

A wide range of vices is available, enabling you to clamp any type of component or material. The cutting progress is either controlled manually or with a counterweight system specially adapted to delicate cuts. A rocker arm balances the implement weight, and another one permits to adjust the applied load with precision.


and advanced technology

Built upon a robust, mechanically welded chassis sheathed with a painted sheet-steel body, the CUTLAM®micro 2.0 is particularly stable and is not prone to vibration, saving you valuable laboratory work space.

Bac de filtration et décantation de 10 litres

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    Fitted with a large-capacity (10 litres, large for the machine’s size), independent filtration/decanting/recirculation tank, it is easy to perform long cuts under ideal cooling conditions. The CUTLAM®micro 2.0 has been designed to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations, the base of the cutting chamber is equipped with an inlet filter to prevent the loss of small parts and components.

    A 100 µm fabric filter at the decanter inlet filters out the largest particles, and the remainder of the filtration is accomplished by decanting into a compartmented tank.

    Included Equipment

    • Recirculation system, 10 litres
    • Cylindrical sample holder with clamping screw: Ø 12 to 50 mm
    • Set of flanges: Ø 50 mm for cut-off wheel: Ø 125 to 150 mm


    • Slow speed 50 to 1000 rpm
      60 CTM 20 20
    • Vacuum system for holding thin sections
      60 CTM 03 80


    Technical data CUTLAM®micro 2.0

    Wheel Ø
    75 to 200 mm
    Shaft Ø
    12,7 mm
    Standard flanges Ø
    50 mm
    Lateral arm displacement
    Stroke 80 mm (accuracy 0,02 mm)
    Preload weight
    2 x 200 g
    Vertical movement
    Recirculation system, 10 litres, 2 compartment decantation tank, 100 µ fabric filter, recirculation pumps.
    800 L/hour driven by the machine.
    Motor power
    0,6 kW
    Rotational speed
    Variable, from 200 to 4000 rpm
    Transparent cover with locking system
    Touch screen 3,5“
    Intuitive and graphic interface
    230 V – 50 Hz single phase
    Dim. W x H x D
    430 x 300 x 450 mm
    (H cover open: 644 mm)
    40 kg
    60 CTM20 00

    Available accessories

    Sample holder with multi screw clamping for irregular parts
    60 CTM03 50
    Sample holder vice with clamping screw: Ø 12 mm maxi
    60 CTM03 30
    V sample holder with clamping screw: Ø 24 mm maxi
    60 CTM03 20
    Sample holder double vice with clamping screw: Ø 12 mm maxi
    60 CTM03 40
    Cylindrical sample holder with clamping screw: Ø 12 mm to 50 mm
    60 CTM03 10
    Small vice with clamping screw: Ø 12 mm
    60 CTM02 10
    Medium vice with clamping screw: Ø 24 mm
    60 CTM021 10
    Set of flanges
    • Set of flanges Ø 35 mm for cut-off wheels Ø 75 to 100 mm – 60 CTM01 10
    • Set of flanges Ø 75 mm cut-off wheels until Ø 200 mm – 60 CTM01 30
    Adaptor rings (by 5) for cut-off wheels
    • Steel Ø 25,4 x 12,7 mm – 60 00369 90
    • PVC Ø 25,4 x 12,7 mm – 60 00370 90
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