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Lapping & polishing machine double-side production for parts: Ø 5 to 30 mm

Command interface

10,5“ touch panel

Plate Ø 380 mm

either 5 satellites of useful capacity Ø 125 mm

  • Plate Capacity
    Ø 380 mm ext.
    Ø 153 mm int.
  • Useful capacity
    5 satellites Ø 125 mm
  • Plate rotational speed
    0 to 160 rpm Bidirectional
  • Weight
    650 kg


Developed on well-known and proven technological bases, this equipment will perfectly respond to your needs in terms of double-side lapping or polishing of parts with a diameter between 5 and 30 mm.

Capable of integrating LAM PLAN lapping plates, this machine will be the solution when obtaining a geometry and precise dimensions are key factors. In parallel, the possibility of associating the M.M.2380 to polishing supports will enable you to answer your needs when the quality of the polished surface is the decisive criteria, as for example, the optical or watchmaking sectors.

The M.M.2380 is built on welded and bolted steel section frame to guarantee stable and repeatable results. The plates (inferior and superior) and the central gearwheel are driven by “brushless” motors, allowing to regulate the speed and the rotational direction. The plates have a 380 mm exterior diameter and authorise the use of 5 carriers (with a usefull capacity of Ø 125 mm).


and advanced technology

Touch screen control panel

All the machine settings are controlled through a large 10.5 inches touch screen. The design of the Man-machine interface assures an efficient equipment handling. This screen will show the pressure applied on the parts and the motor torque in real time. This machine can also be endowed with a “stock removal measurement” system. Apart from the cycle time, the machine automatically stops its cycle when the target thickness dimension of the parts is reached.

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    User-friendly device

    The MM.2380 can be equipped with a system unabeling a rapid setting of the carriers. A “rack” system enables to store many satellites filled by the operator in masked time. The ring gear has a removable part. Thereby once the polishing cycle is finished the operator can proceed to a transfer of carriers by sliding them on a thin magnetic slab. Loading the carriers (filled with parts) in the machine (to start a new cycle) will be done the same way.


    Finally, a series of associated accessories has been developed by LAM PLAN for this machine. The FIXPAD® system associated with the FAS® will facilitate the shift of polishing supports.

    Moreover, LAM PLAN proposes its range of TOUCHLAM® pads, specially adapted to the superior and inferior plates of the machine.


    Technical data M.M.2380

    Plate Capacity
    5 carriers track
    Ø 380 mm ext. / Ø 153 mm int.
    Useful capacity
    5 satellites Ø 125 mm
    Superior plate rotational speed
    0 to 160 rpm
    Bidirectional rotation
    Gearwheel rotational speed
    0 to 80 rpm
    Bidirectional rotation
    Motors power (plates and gearwheel)
    0.75 kW for each motor
    Required energies
    400 V-50 Hz three-phase + neutral.
    Compressed air 6 bars filtered 10 µm
    Total power
    2.5 kW
    Noise level
    < 80 dB at 1 meter away
    Dim. W x H x D
    960 x 2030 x 780 mm
    Working table height 1040
    650 kg
    10 23800 00

    Available accessories

    • FIXPAD® system

      The FIXPAD® is a tool which permits to install easily and rapidly the polishing cloths on double-side machines.

      Developed by LAM PLAN, the FIXPAD® permits to stick the discs on the plates without imprisoning any air bubbles or causing any folds. Thanks to its conception and the pre-cuts of the TOUCHLAM®discs, the disposition of the discs on the superior plate is made possible in a few seconds. the FIXPAD® centring studs are placed in the distribution hole of the superior plate so they can guide the fixation of the disc. This tool will simplify the installation of the polishing discs and limit the machine stoppage.

    • Stock removal measurement
      10 84003 00

      System permitting to obtain a flat surface within a micron, combined with a high quality parallelism between the lapped face and a reference.

      This device is constituted of a perfectly flat pressure disc translating on a vertical axis. Therefore, it assures a support on the opposite face of the surface to be lapped.

      The guidance of this support plate is realised by a high quality linear ball bearings. Therefore, at the end of the lapping cycle the parts contained in this tool will have a parallelism inferior to 5 microns. The support is ceramic coated, assuring a long life service to this reference surface with no risk of metallic pollution.

      Finally, these tools are equipped with a wireless sensor, allowing to visualise the stock removal in real-time on a computer. The target dimension can be set. Thanks to an intuitive colour display, the operator can rapidly visualise on the computer, when the parts are in the thickness tolerance defined by your specifications.

    • Dosing pump type 8003
      W00 08003
      • Bowl: Useful volume of 50 litres, on casters, drain valve
      • Electrical power supply: 220V single-phase
      • Pump flow rate: 50 liters/minute
      • Distribution system: 3 swivelling outputs. Solenoid valve 3 tracks controlled by the sequencer included with the pump.
    • Dosing pump type 8007
      W00 08007
      • Bowl: Useful volume 7 liters
      • Electrical power supply: 220V single-phase
      • Pump flow rate: 50 liters/minute
      • Distribution system: 3 swivelling outputs. Solenoid valve 3 tracks controlled by the sequencer included with the pump.
    • Dosing pump for dosing unit 8003 & 8007
      Qty. Capacity Ref. 
      Dosing pump type 8003
      for LAM PLAN machine
      1 50 liters W000 08003
      Dosing pump type 8007
      for LAM PLAN machine
      1 7 liters W000 08007
      Dosing pump type 8003 1 50 liters W00108003
      Dosing pump type 8007 1 7 liters W00108007
    • Protection discs series 881

      Protection and low compensation discs (other diameters on request).


      Qty. Ø in mm Ref. 
      Protection discs 10 138 08 83501 00
      10 245 08 86001 00
      10 275 08 87501 00
      10 406 08 81001 00
      10 480 08 81201 00
    • Protection discs series 883

      Discs for large thickness compensation, thickness 10 mm.


      Qty. Ø in mm Ref. 
      Compensation discs 3 138 08 83503 00
      3 245 08 86003 00
      3 275 08 87503 00
      3 406 08 81003 00
      3 480 08 81203 00
    • Holder discs series 885

      Anti-slipping holder disc for parts with a small, thickness 4 mm.


      Qty. Ø in mm Ref. 
      Holder discs 3 138 08 83505 00
      3 245 08 86005 00
      3 275 08 87505 00
      3 406 08 81005 00
      3 480 08 81205 00
    • Carriers for double-side machines

      The carriers are used to maintain the parts on the double-side machine. Their conception is realised according to the geometry of your parts or according to your drawings. Our carriers are available in a wide range of thickness, from a few millimetres to 200 µm.

      Depending on your application and the nature of your parts, we propose our carriers in a large range of materials, such as stainless steel, blue steel (hardened until 600 Hv), glass fibre, aramid, PVC, epoxy,… For any double-side machine brand.


      Epoxy carrier USAT 00001
      PVC carrier USAT 00002
      Metallic carrier USAT 00003
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