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Individual pressure semi-automatic polishing machine

Centralized control

All the mahines and heads fonctions are controlled by the touch screen (speed, pressure, time…)

Automatic dosing unit

Control of three peristaltic pumps and 1 outlet to drive an external pump.

Motorised head

Individual pressure 3 cells sample holder,
Variable rotation speed and pneumatic pressure.

  • Ø plate capacity
    200 to 300 mm
  • Plate rotation speed
    20 to 650 rpm
  • Weight
    65 kg
  • Body
    Steel coated with epoxy paint


With the SMARTLAM®3.0, LAM PLAN proposes an economic solution in terms of automatic pre-polishing and polishing of metallographic samples.

The SMARTLAM®3.0 is equipped with a new specific motorised head, composed with a 3 cells sample-holder and an individual pneumatic pressure system.

The moto reducer group has a high torque, the speed and the rotation can be set. The individual pneumatic pressure system handled by the electronic proportional valve, assures a great polishing regularity. The pressure applied per sample goes from 5 to 60 N.

The SMARTLAM®3.0 uses the reliable and proven base of the SMARTLAM®2.0 from which it conserves all the assets for a manual use (activation/deactivation of the sample holder head with the touch screen). The plate’s speed and rotation can be set from 20 to 650 rpm.


and advanced technology

All the functions accomplished by the machine or the head are controlled by the screen. The programs can be stored in the intern memory.

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    Built-in display and dosing unit

    All the functions accomplished by the machine or the head are controlled by the screen. The programs can be stored in the intern memory.

    For more efficiency, you can connect the M.M. 909 M automatic dosing unit to your SMARTLAM® 3.0 and benefit of a very economic and competitive set.


    Technical data SMARTLAM®3.0

    Plate capacity
    Ø 200 to 300 mm
    Steel coated with epoxy paint
    Removable resin basin for easy cleaning
    3,5“ touch screen to control the machine: start/stop, timer, speed and direction of plate, water solenoid valve
    Plate rotation speed
    Variable from 20 to 650 rpm
    Clockwise / counter-clockwise
    Loads 9 programs
    Slave connector for dosing unit
    Water inlet
    Removable pipe with flow-rate adjustment and safety solenoid valve
    Power max
    0,75 kW
    230 V – 50 Hz single-phase
    Pneumatic feed
    6 bars, filtered 50 µm
    Dim. W x H x D
    580 x 570 x 670 mm
    65 kg
    60 SL220 00

    Option: the automatic motorised head

    The automatic motorised head compactness is due to its strategically placed power supply on the side of the machine. The head rotates to free the workspace and allows the easy change of the polishing support and the cleaning of the plate and bowl.


    New motorised head guidance to facilitate up/down manoeuvres and increase rigidity for better sample flatness.
    Retrofit kit available: Réf. 60 SL220 20

    • Capacity
      3 samples Ø 25,4 to 50 mm
      (on Ø 200 mm plate 3 samples Ø 30 mm max.)
    • Body
      Steel coated with epoxy paint
    • Controls
      Colour touch screen (3“): controls the machine and the head
    • Sample holder rotation speed
      Variable from 10 to 150 rpm
    • Rotation
      Clockwise / counter-clockwise
    • Pressure
      Individual, pneumatic, variable from 5 to 60 N
    • Programming
      Loads 9 programs
    • Power max
      Moto reducer with high torque
    • Positioning
      Manual, with indexable handle
    • Positioning and locking in height
      Manual, raising/lowering of the head with a lever, locking with knobe

    Available accessories

    • M.M.909 M automatic dispenser
      08 00799 10

      Programmed distribution of 3 different liquids.
      Control by color touch screen.
      3 peristaltic pumps, with 1 outlet to drive an external pump.

    • Aluminium plates
      • Aluminium plate Ø 200 mm – 08 8270100
      • Aluminium plate Ø 230 mm – 08 8270200
      • Aluminium plate Ø 250 mm – 08 8270300
      • Aluminium plate Ø 300 mm – 08 8270400
    • Clamping rings
      • Clamping ring Ø 200 mm – 60 SL00290
      • Clamping ring Ø 230 mm – 60 SL00190
      • Clamping ring Ø 250 mm – 60 SL00490
      • Clamping ring Ø 300 mm – 60 SL00690
      • Clamping ring Ø 305 mm – 60 SL00790
    • Tank reducers
      • Tank reducer Ø 200 mm – 60 ML08090
      • Tank reducer Ø 230 mm – 60 ML08290
      • Tank reducer Ø 250 mm – 60 ML08190
    • Reducer rings
      • Kit 6 x Ø 40 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK500
      • Kit 6 x Ø 30 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK200
      • Kit 6 x Ø 25,4 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK110
      • Kit 6 x 1-1/4″ reducer rings – 06MLIK310
      • Kit 6 x 1-1/2″ reducer rings – 06MLIK410
    • Levelling plate for CP sample holder*

      Ø 119 mm – 3 mm depth

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