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Automatic polishing machine with central and individual pressure

5,7″ touch screen

User friendly interface.
Memorization of programs, integrating up to 8 steps.

Powerful central and individual pressure head

Sample holder with 6 holes.

  • Ø plate capacity
    250 to 300 mm
  • Plate rotation speed
    20 to 650 rpm
  • Capacity
    Sample size 6 X Ø 40 mm
    & 6 X Ø 50 mm
  • Programming
    60 storable programs


Automatic, single plate Ø 250 to 300 mm polishing machine, bidirectional rotation and variable speed.

This machine has all the functions that make the MASTERLAM® range outstand and on this model a specific new combo-head.

The MASTERLAM®3.0 is the metallographic polishing machine without concession. Polishing can be carried out with central pressure or individual pressure and can be equipped with a stock removal measuring system.

The MASTERLAM®3.0 is based on the same technology as the MASTERLAM®1.0 with, in this configuration, a powerful central and individual pressure head equipped with 6 pistons. Changing sample holders is quick and the pressure mode is controlled directly on the screen without having to touch the head, thus, you can switch from one pressure mode to another in a few seconds.

Central pressure mode

Individual pressure mode


and advanced technology

The MASTERLAM®3.0 is a high-performance machine intended for intensive use such as in-production inspections.

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment


    • Stock removal control system
      60 ML30S C0


    Technical data MASTERLAM®3.0

    Plate capacity
    Ø 250 to 300 mm
    Steel coated with epoxy paint
    Removable resin bowl for easy cleaning
    Touch screen (5,7“)
    Plate rotation speed
    Variable from 20 to 650 rpm
    Bidirectional rotation
    Head’s speed
    Variable from 10 to 150 rpm
    Bidirectional rotation
    Applicable load
    5 to 400 N central pressure
    5 to 100 N individual pressure
    Sample size 6 X Ø 40 mm
    Sample size 1 – 6 X Ø 50 mm
    Workspace lightening
    Water inlet
    Removable pipe, with flow rate adjustment and safety solenoid valve
    60 storable programs, USB connector to backup programs and Ethernet port for networking
    Cumulative machine power
    1.1 kW
    230 V – 50 Hz single phase
    Pneumatic feed
    6 bars
    Dim. W x H x D
    550 x 670 x 580 mm
    85 kg
    60 ML300 00

    Available accessories

    • Dosing unit DISTRILAM®
      60 MLD00 00

      The automatic dosing unit DISTRILAM® is directly controlled via the touch screen on the machine through a RS 232 connector. It is instantly recognised by all the MASTERLAM® polishing devices as the control program is already programmed in the machines.

    • Transparent protective housing
      60 MLEP0 00

      The secured housing is a totally transparent protection compatible with the full range of MASTERLAM®.

      Its opening stops all movements of the machine*, it offers an integral protection complying with the 2006/42/ CE and 2004/108/CE standards. The housing’s design preserves the accessibility of the plate and does not clutter the workspace.

      The touch screen is located outside of the secured zone; therefore, the commands are permanently accessible.

      For the MASTERLAM®1.0 and 3.0 the touch screen control panel is located on the right, a 195 mm space needs to be foreseen in addition to the machine width.

      *However, the transparent secured housing authorises the plate rotation in the manual mode.

      Required space for the MASTERLAM®1.0, 2.0 and 3.0:
      Width 770 mm – Height 910 mm

    • Aluminium plates
      • Aluminium plate Ø 250 mm – 08 8270300
      • Aluminium plate Ø 300 mm – 08 8270400
    • Metal clamping rings
      • Metal clamping ring Ø 250 mm – 60 SL00490
      • Metal clamping ring Ø 300 mm – 60 SL00690
      • Metal clamping ring Ø 305 mm – 60 SL00790
    • Tank reducers
      • Tank reducer Ø 230 mm – 60 ML08290
      • Tank reducer Ø 250 mm – 60 ML08190
    • Anti-splash ring
      60 ML08091
    • CP sample holder
      • PC Ø 160 mm with 6 x Ø 20 to 40 mm water drop cells
      • PC Ø 160 mmwith 9 x Ø 30 mm water drop cells
      • PC Ø 160 mm with 6 x Ø 40 mm water drop cells
      • PC Ø 160 mm with 5 x Ø 50 mm water drop cells
      • PC Ø 160 mm with 3 x rectangular 40 x 70 mm water drop cells
      • PC Ø 160 mm with 6 x rectangular 25 x 34 mm water drop cells
    • IP sample holder

      Ø 160 mm with 6 x Ø 50 mm water cells

    • Sample holder for irregular parts
      06 MLC60 00

      Ø 160 mm central pressure sample holder for eccentric restriction of non-embedded complex geometric parts.

    • Reducer rings
      • Kit 6 x Ø 40 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK500
      • Kit 6 x Ø 30 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK200
      • Kit 6 x Ø 25,4 mm reducer rings – 06MLIK110
      • Kit 6 x 1-1/4″ reducer rings – 06MLIK310
      • Kit 6 x 1-1/2″ reducer rings – 06MLIK410
    • Levelling plate for CP sample holder

      Ø 160 mm – 3 mm depth

    • Sedimentation 60 L tank
      60 A00299 00

      With pump controlled by the machine.

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