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Cleaning and storage accessories

Storage systems BOX LAM®, detergent 742 & technical wiping LAM®15.

BOX LAM® storage

Extend the service life of your discs thanks to the discs and plates storage system.

BOX LAM® 300

08 BL300 00

The BOX LAM® 300 allows storing discs and plates, up to Ø 300mm. Delivered with 10
sliding lacquered shelves, they can be equipped with: plexiglass support for adhesive discs, PVC protection for plates and a foam template for storing your samples. The large transparent cover and the shelf arrangement allow an optimum visibility of the stored products.

 Qty Dim. (mm)
Storage for 10 discs or plate up to Ø 300 mm and storage for samples (according to options) 1 W 400 x H 470 x D 490

Foam template forBOX LAM® 300

08 BL300 20
 Qty Dim. (mm)
Storage template for samples,
self-adhesive foam
2 W 320 x H 10 x D 330

“Diamond” plexiglass shelf for BOX LAM® 300

08 BL300 40
 Qty Dim. (mm)
Self-adhesive diamond tip plexiglas shelf specially studied for the storage of adhesive discs 2 W 320 x H 2 X D 330

PVC protection for BOX LAM® 300

08 BL300 60
 Qty Dim. (mm)
Self-adhesive protection sheet made of smooth white PVC 10 W 320 x D 330


08 BL100 00

The BOX LAM® is an economic unit to arrange and store in a dust-free space grinding and polishing discs, specialy for self-adhesive cloths up to Ø 300 mm. The BOX LAM® is equipped with a transparent closing flap, 6 shelves and a storage drawer.

 Qty Dim. (mm)
Economic model with 6 shelves 1 W 340 x H 450 X D 340


The COVER LAM® is a self-adhesive protection disc which is applied on clean and polished samples to efficiently preserve their surface condition and protect it from ambient environment attacks. The COVER LAM® does not require any cleaning of the polished sample after its has been removed.


08 COV00 00
 Qty Ø in mm
Disc for the protection of metallographic samples after polishing 100 50

Technical wipings

Detergent 742

 Qty Ref. 
Detergent for ultrasonic cleaning tank (dilution < 10 % in water) 5 liters 08 01742 10
1 liter 08 01742 00

Technical wipings LAM®15

Technical wiping of samples without micro-scratches.
The LAM® 15 cloth allows you to eliminate and wipe off easily the halos left by cleaning
liquids or water.

 Qty Ref. 
Cloths 320 x 400 mm
Cloths Ø 80
2 x 24 cloths 08 LAM15 00
400 cloths 08 LAM15 20

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