Automatic flat pre-polishing machine

Single block design machine

Rigid conception avoid vibrations

Diamond conditionning system and sample holder are connected on the same mechanical arm which guarantees precision

  • Single block design machine

    Rigid conception avoid vibrations

  • Diamond conditionning system and sample holder are connected on the same mechanical arm which guarantees precision

  • Wheel Ø
    356 mm
  • Rotational speed
    1000 to 3000 rpm
  • Applicable charge
    10 to 550 N
  • Stock removal
    0,1 mm to 1 mm


When the prepolishing phase demands a high level of effectiveness and precision the RECTILAM® 2.0 is the answer. This machine is particularly productive in the preparation of coated or raw samples by high speed prepolishing. Several parts can be installed on the central pressure sample holder. Large parts can also be treated individually.

The principle of high speed prepolishing on stone enables significant material removal and unrivalled flatness without rounding the edges. The single block design and rigidity of the RECTILAM® 2.0 avoids vibration which is detrimental to the surface condition. In order to ensure significant and even removal of material, a reconditioning system automatically follows each stage of polishing.

The RECTILAM® 2.0’s unique feature is its 2 axis principle. The Z axis deals with the motorised rise and fall of the reconditioning tool and the pressurisation of the sample carrier. The R axis enables precise positioning of the sample holder in relation to the grinding wheel in order to make to most of the available abrasion surface.

During the start cycle the starting point of the sample/grinding wheel is automatic. The stock removal is continuously managed. The real-time display shows the operator if the rectification settings entered are appropriate. All parameters are managed and clearly shown on the 5.7’’ touchscreen with graphic display.


and advanced technology

The prepolishing system and the sample holder are connected to the same mechanical arm which guarantees precision.

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    Technical characteristics
    and equipment

    The RECTILAM® 2.0 is supplied with an integral security hood. The assembly includes a closed-circuit lubricating filtration system integrated into the machine as well as a spray-tap for cleaning.


    Technical sheet

    PDF 962 Ko


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    Technical data RECTILAM®2.0

    Grinding wheel diameter
    Ø 356 mm
    By 5.7 inch touchscreen and joystick
    Grinding wheel speed
    1000 to 3000 rpm.
    Sample holder speed
    20 to 150 rpm.
    Applied force
    10 to 550 N
    Sample holder size
    Ø 210 mm max
    Conditioning wheel specifications
    Configurable pass depth and diamond feed rate
    In cycle reconditioning mode
    Automatic - customisable frequencies
    Stock removal range
    0,1 mm to 1 mm
    Measurement precision
    0,02 mm
    Work zone lighting
    Enclosed LED
    Grinding wheel motor power
    3,8 kW
    Sample holder motor power
    0,25 kW
    Noise level
    70 dB
    400 V-50 Hz three-phase + neutral
    Powder-coated steel
    Dim. L x H x P
    900 x 1620 x 1000 mm
    (H. cover open : 1850 mm)
    450 kg
    60 RL200 00

    Available accessories

    • Grinding wheel AL<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> - Grain 60
    • Grinding wheel SiC - Grain 150
    • Grinding wheel AL2O3 - Grain 60
      05 M0060 80

      For grinding of soft, ductile materials
      Lubricant : water
      Ø: 355 mm

    • Grinding wheel SiC - Grain 150
      05 M0150 80

      For grinding of all materials >HV200
      Lubricant : water
      Ø: 355 mm

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