Finishing liquids

Finishing liquids, Final, L1, L2, & ALPLAN liquids

Superfinish liquids

Final finishing liquid

Aqueous suspension of non-agglomerated nanometric silica stabilised in an alkaline medium. Used to carry out super finishing, to obtain ultra-low roughness. Very easy-to-use and applicable on all types of materials.
Usage recommendation: dilute 10 to 20% in water.

L1 finishing liquid

Final polishing suspension specially formulated for mechano-chemical polishing. During
usage, the active substances of the solution embrittle the surface to be polished, thereby optimising the efficiency of the abrasive grains. Allows combining performance (stock
removal) and polishing quality. Recommended for titanium and its alloys.
Usage recommendation: ready-to-use preparation.

L2 finishing liquid

Composite solution of ceramic oxides and silica. Ideal to prepare your surface before the super finishing step. Recommended for the polishing of aluminium and its alloys.
Usage recommendation: ready-to-use preparation.

Superfinish liquids Final, L1 & L2

 Characteristics Types Cond. Ref. 
Final polishing on polishing cloth
All materials
Final liquid 500g 05 NL008 00
Final liquid 5 liters 05 NL008 40
L1 liquid Titanium 1 liter 05 NL0L1 00
L2 liquid Aluminium 1 liter 05 NL0L2 00

ALPLAN liquids

New final polishing solutions composed of aluminium oxides of a very high purity.
These alumina preparations are subjected to a pushed de-agglomeration treatment; which result excellent polishing quality. Easy-to-use, ALPLAN solutions are usable on all types of materials.
Usage recommendation: use pure or diluted up to 50% with water.

ALPLAN liquids

 Characteristics Grain sizes
Cond. Ref. 
ALPLAN is used pure or diluted up to 50% with water 0,05 µm 1 liter 05 AP005 00
0,25 µm 1 liter 05 AP025 00
1 µm 1 liter 05 AP100 00
G3 µm 1 liter 05 AP300 00

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