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Cutting fluid series 722

Reduce heating

The cutting fluid 722 series is a synthesis soluble lubricant specifically developed for metallographic cuts. This fluid will prevent from heating by lubricating the cutting sections and wheels.
Thanks to this fluid the cut parts and the materials will be protected from corrosion.
It does not lather. For an optimal use, we advise you to dilute 5 % of the solution in water. In order to maintain the efficiency of this fluid, we recommend you to check regularly its concentration with a refractometer.

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 Type Qty Ref. 
Recyclable concentrated fluid:
heating control
722 5 liters 07 50722 50


The refractometer is a measuring instrument which allows you to control the cutting fluid concentration in the machine to assure the quality of the cuts, to ovoid the corrosion on the cut parts, the table and vices. It also controls heating during cuts (no smokes) and prevent from microbial and smells in the machine.


Type Qty Ref. 
Refractometer 722 1 60 CT900 10


Qty Ref. 
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM Micro®2.0
  1 60 00574 90
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM®1.1 - 2.0 - 3.0 - Micro 3.0
  1 60 00141 90
Fabric filter for decantation tank
CUTLAM®4.0 and 5.0
  1 60 00576 90

Aspiration/filtration set CUTLAM®1.1 et 3.1 machines

60 CT 20400

According to the chosen material, the “fog” generated by the cutting process needs to be evacuated from the chamber. LAM PLAN proposes an aspiration/ filtration set to respond to this issue. This device is made of a vacuuming unit, connected to the machine’s cover by a flexible tube. A downstream filter is found in the core of this system, capable of blocking more than 98% of the sucked particles.

The system is set on an extruded aluminium chassis, at the same height of the cutting
machine. The vacuuming set is autonomous, containing its proper electric power of 400 V (three-phase). Please contact us for more technical data.

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