It enables effective management of plate flatness

Autoplan LAM PLAN

The AUTOPLAN system enables effective management of plate flatness and grooving in order to create structures which will modify its properties. The principle lies in plate machining by the movement of a cutting tool. AUTOPLAN positions and dismounts in a few minutes, due to the dedicated fixing points integrated in our machines.


The AUTOPLAN automatic system can currently be integrated with LAM PLAN machines up to the M.M.9100 model. It is installed on dedicated points on the machine. Directly driven by the command interface, you can manage forward speed in order to carry out reconditioning or grooving operations. AUTOPLAN produces spiral grooving.

This system is faster and more precise than the DIABLOC. It is easy to manage and to reproduce the desired plate geometry (flat, concave or convex).

Production stoppage times for plate reconditioning are reduced, productivity is increased.

Autoplan LAM PLAN
Autoplan LAM PLAN
Lapping machine M.M.9480

AUTOPLAN for lapping machine M.M.9480

 Lapping machine
Model Ref. 
M.M.9480 S version Available soon
Lapping machine M.M.9700

AUTOPLAN for lapping machine M.M.9700

 Lapping machine
Model Ref. 
M.M.9700 E version Available soon
S version
S HP version
AUTOPLAN for lapping machine M.M.9100

AUTOPLAN for lapping machine M.M.9100

 Lapping machine
Model Ref. 
M.M.9100 E version  Available soon
S version
SR version
EC version

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