Additives, lubricants & oils

Additive 716, lapping oil & lubricant for cylindrical lapping


Additive for liquid preparation BIOLAM® and CLASSICAL permitting an optimisation of the abrasive film (more resistant) without reducing the lapping power. Can be used in the preparation of the abrasive solution in addition to water.

Additive 716

Packaging Ref. 
Additive 716 5 liters Z000 F25L1
10 liters Z000 F2010
20 liters Z000 F2020
200 liters Z000 F2200

Lapping oil

Classic lapping oil to use with the abrasive powder.

Lapping oil 708

Packaging Ref. 
Huile 708 5 liters Z000 A35L1
10 liters Z000 A3010
20 liters Z000 A3020
60 liters Z000 A3060

Lubricant for cylindrical lapping

AQUASUN lubricant oil

Packaging Ref. 
AQUASUN oil 10 liters Z000 A4010



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