Lubricating fluids

Fluids M.M.712 & 705.

Lubricating fluid M.M.712 series

Aqueous lubricating fluid for polishing applications. This fluid is recommended for use with Bio DIAMANT® 100 series pastes. Ready to use, its specific formula limits the heating of the supports and facilitates the cleaning of the parts after each cycle of work. Easily cleanable with 742 detergent.

Packaging Ref. 
1 liter 07 MM712 30
5 liters 07 MM712 40
Pulmatic 350 cl 07 MM712 50

Lubricating fluid M.M.705 series

Lubricating fluid for use with series 210, MS and Diatool® diamond pastes. Ready to use it ensures excellent paste dispersion and optimises cutting power. Easily cleanable with 742 detergent or Stanol.

Packaging Ref. 
1 liter 07 MM705 30
Pulmatic 350 cl 07 MM705 50

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